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What is said in response to a bad joke.
Dave: Why did the chicken cross the road?

Dave: Anyone, anyone?!

Dave: Because I'm Jewish!!!1

Everyone: Yark Yark Yark
by Jordandijinz0rz October 31, 2004
Choosing to remain uninformed because the marginal cost of obtaining the information is higher than the marginal benefit of knowing it.

Commonly practiced by hicks that don't wish to change their point of views about ANYTHING.
"All dem blackies wanna do is steal turnips outta mah garden!"

"Those Muslims and Hin-don'ts are the devil!"

"Men are pigs!"
by Jordandijinz0rz January 31, 2005
A bathroom, or, if you're a real man, a tree or Jordan's car.
I am going to go use the urination station parked in front of Jordan's house.
by Jordandijinz0rz October 31, 2004
A Russian "Anti Virus" solution commonly mocked due to being very stereotypical. For instance, before the virus protection will protect your computer from infections, you must first earn its respect. Otherwise, the only option you can select when dealing with a virus is "Ignore". It is still unknown how one must go about "earning its respect".

Kaspersky is also known for not only removing viruses, but "Crushing" them or "Obliterating" them. Instead of quarantining a virus, Kaspersky sends the virus to the Gulag where it serves 20 years hard labor breaking rocks in Siberia.

Kaspersky's company slogan is "In Soviet Russia, virus scanner scan YOU".

Kaspersky Anti Virus is often criticized when a virus is found that becomes unremovable. Instead of letting the virus win, Kaspersky will automatically blow up your computer so nobody wins, because, according to Kaspersky, "It is much more desirable for both Kaspersky and virus to lose, than for virus to win".

There have been reports recently stating that Kaspersky Anti Virus actually puts viruses on your computer, and then acts like its doing YOU a favor when it removes them. This is a particularly big problem if you have not earned Kaspersky's respect yet.

Kaspersky Anti Virus is rumored to be releasing a firewall solution in the coming months. Instead of simply being a firewall, though, it will be an iron curtain that puts satellite computers around yours, forming a virus buffer zone.
Kaspersky Anti Virus is the most untrusted name in virus protection.
by Jordandijinz0rz January 25, 2009
Crazy word said by a certain Spaniard. Meaning unknown.
Me: Uda how you be today do are?


Me: Very good is.
by Jordandijinz0rz October 31, 2004
Something that is rained every day possible. It almost always involves breaking the law and/or your moral standards.
We went and rained some chaos by throwing stolen diapers on Dave's lawn. This was followed by beer drinking and drug use and all around bad behaviour. Someday, someone will lose an eye because of this. It will probably be Jordan.
by Jordandijinz0rz October 31, 2004