A pill often used at raves. It makes peoples heart race and they enjoy the fast and steady beats of techno. It also makes people extremely thirsty and makes them dehydrate real easy. Thats also why they have water at raves.

by The Alex June 22, 2005
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rolldogs, diso biscuit, x, xtc, love drug
The single most awesome drug in existence. If you catch a good roll, you'll feel like you're going down a sliding board covered in silk for about 4 hours (best accompanied by a vibrator held to the temple.. or anywhere else that feels good!). Catch a rough one, and you'll feel like you're on a 4 hour roller coaster with a broken handlebar. Also, the funk that ensues makes you wish you were dead. Follow with funk eliminator
They ate x for 5 days straight.
by PerCoceT January 20, 2005
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small pills that come in many colours, which induce an all round good time, involving love, hope and joy best consumed when you have nothing on the next day as it tends to be non existent. after dropping a gorgeous pill give it half an hour, dont sit down and enjoy the ride. Is best enjoyed when in the company of your best mates, at a club with A dfloor where u can shuffle your ass off. AND later back at my place for some deep emotional loving conversation about nothing. and sex on nature strips.
Tahls Cat and Laura hit the globe and dropped that white dragon at 12.30 at one they were buzzing their asses off. the strobe made em wet, and they loved it. After close the girls took 6 random blokes back to tahlses place, and laura fucked that shaun guy on the nature strip, and then agian on the driveway, she never woulda done that shit had she been sober... fuck yeah!
that was some mad ecstasy...
by _takeitall_ November 05, 2006
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Sheer bliss; euphoria; rapture; an out of body experience as in floating on air.
When Kiersten's labia clamped down on Tyrone's eleven inches and they came together, it was all of the above.
by Richard Black March 25, 2005
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Ecstasy makes you wanna fuck the world!
Boy: Baby, Iยดm just not feeling it
Girl: *gives boy ecstasy*


10 minutes later

by ZombieCancer November 21, 2009
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Commonly known as "X" or "E", ecstasy is a drug party used mainly at underground raves, or clubs. Although many people are starting now to use it at different occasions and locations. It's mostly related to dance music. It contains the chemical MDMA, and it's been around for about 20 years or so. Ecstasy gives you a feeling of love, and tolerance with everyone. When you're "Rolling" on ecstasy, you feel more confident, massages feel extremely good, and you just want to feel or touch another person. Not recommended to mix with another types of drugs. You must constantly drink water so you won't dehydrate. It's not legal in any part of the world, although is used worlwide. Its use has been increasing over the last years in the USA, and many other countries.
I'll recomend everyone to try it at least once. Non-physically adictive.
Ecstasy come in a tablet form that is often branded, e.g. Playboy bunnies, Nike swoosh, CK
by thecolombiandude November 06, 2006
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