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She is a shy person at first but if u get 2 know her she is crazy. She is funny . She hates compliments. She is sometimes scary. Is a book worm and is book smart. She is a social kid . She is social and cool. She is emotion and can tell if something wrong.She also can be kind or subborn and changes moods quickly. She is very reliable and can do almost anything.
Jassy: Sigh
Cailey : What is it?
Jassy : Nothing
Cailey: Yes, there is something wrong. What is it ?
Jassy: Ok, so i got an F on my science paper.
Cailey: I will see what I can do.
Jassy: Thanks, your such a Cailey.
by handies January 21, 2018
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You will never forget this person.

Can get anything outta anybody.
Hates compliments.
Is extremly hot.

Impresses everybody easily.
And is just extremly hot.
Guy 1: Who was that?
Guy 2: CAILEY!
Guy 1: Damn, I'll never forget her. She's so hot.
Guy 2: Yeah, I know.
by mah.tah!! January 18, 2010
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This kind of girl, is the best kind. She's often gorgeous, and has a electric personality. She is prone to having a good time and helping your emotional wounds heal. She is a wonderful lover, one of the best actually. If you are looking for a sweet, beautiful, and amazing girl, then Cailey Sabiston is the one!
She is also unforgettable, and leaves a heart shaped mark on everyone's soul that comes in contact with her. She is amazing.
Dang, Cailey is already Taken!
by xXLovexBugg's_Lover!Xx December 11, 2011
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the most g-ballin' person possible.
as crunk as humanly possible
look at that chick totally reppin' the streets. She has to be Cailey
by -cailey May 27, 2008
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Usually the town whore who gets from place to place in a matter of minutes. They tend to go for guys who drive gay sunfires who act ballin as hell n yet are tiny with small dicks

guy 2: How much do you think she is?
by THE TRUTH XD November 08, 2009
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