literally the dumbest, gayest bitch you will ever meet in your life. He eats and breathes memes for a living and believes that the earth revolves around a lightbulb.
"He's just like heo"
"Omg, i know right?"
by kwaran tin March 30, 2020
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A Korean being, known for the common homosexuality related to a Heo. The most notable, Andrew Heo, has been accused of homosexual crimes in the city of new york.
Andrew Heo is not very known outside of NYC.
by wassaplee97 May 19, 2013
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It means pig in Vietnamese, and is also a replacement word for "hell".
Person 1: Where do pigs go when they die?
Person 2: I dunno, pig heaven?
Person 1: No, they go to HEOOOOO!
by Pazu September 29, 2008
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It is a more emphasized version of the word "hell" when it is used in the same way.
1. I want you to put this cucumber in it.
2. HEOOOO naw!
by Moustacy September 14, 2005
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the vietnamese way of saying "What the hell?" heo (viet.) = pig + vietnamese accent. what the heo is the most common interjection when encountering a vietnamese azn.
A: Katy Perry likes kissing girls?
B: What the heo?
by Splenish April 30, 2009
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The greatest woman on Earth. She towers over every man in existence. The stars of the universe fall just to be near her. She is also the lead rapper of the girl group “EVERGLOW” and goes by the stage name Aisha. Her voice cleanses the air and brings back life to mother nature.
Did you see Heo yoorim from everglow? She is such a fierce rapper. She is the IT girl
by theitgirlaisha October 15, 2020
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