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The nick-name of a whiny white man that lives in Gig Harbor WA, who likes to make racist jokes and hates black people. Often seen playing Quake2 gloom and has a habit of whining to everyone and kissing admin's ass. He has about 2 dozen people who want to kick his ass because he makes snyde comments and name-calling constantly.
One day on irc, everyone got sick and tired of this "whiny little brother" type of guy and made the choice to permenantly ban his ass..
by Echon October 11, 2004
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Tubby trailortrash living off foodstamps.
Also the creator of the guide to How To Make Quake2 Run Like DoomIII
"Semt-X, can you lend me some money? I am hungry."
by Anonymous April 29, 2004
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One who laughs at retards or others of low intelligence on IRC or other online chat programs. Uses self-made abbreviations of various words in excessive tendencies, usually out of boredom.
<Echon> So I wanted to lynch that greasy nigger.
<SomeGuy> *ahem*
<SomeGuy> What the hell
<Echon> Who dis?
<SomeGuy> Probably someone of a different race.
<SomeGuy> Hello?
*** Echon sets mode +b SomeGuy
<Echon> Bye loser
*** SomeGuy was kicked by Echon
by Stasis January 17, 2005
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