Other word for connoisseur, with a small difference.

1. Exceptional performer: A musician who shows exceptional ability, technique, or artistry.

2. Talented person: Somebody who shows exceptional technique or ability in something.

3. Connoisseur: Somebody who is knowledgeable and cultivated in appreciating the fine arts.
by Jafje April 3, 2007
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One who has exceptionally good musical abilities.
Eddie Van Halen, Tommy Lee, Neil Pert, Les Claypool, Geoff Tate, Freddie Mercury, Slash, and me :)
by Redwhitencrue25 July 21, 2005
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A person with masterly skill or technique in the arts, aka: expert.
she's such a virtuoso.
by SwingingStar May 11, 2006
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Some one with mad skills on an instrument. A professional musician.
Rob is such a virtuoso, only David Gilmour is better than him.
by werwertwgg432 January 15, 2005
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Any musician who can get across the message or the mood of the song without vocals
David Gilmore is a virtuoso
by guitarmaster June 22, 2006
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Someone so good at stimulating the clitorus, it is like they are playng a musical instrument with great skill.
His performance was in great demand - he was a virtuoso on the clitorus.

The first known reference to the "clitoral virtuoso" in print was in my godfather's book, "Unrequited Self Love".
by tallcoolone August 12, 2009
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An underground artist based from Windsor and Toronto ON, Canada. Elric Virtuoso is part of a hip-hop collective called The Expansion Family (EXP FAM). Biggest influences are rappers like Lil Ugly Mane & Denzel Curry. Elric Virtuoso, formerly known as The Artice, is always working on new projects and strives to succeed in the field of rap as well as the visual arts, his first talent.
"Yo, you hear that new Elric Virtuoso joint?"
" Yeah it's Oh Sooo Virtuous!"
by SLace Name June 23, 2017
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