Meaning Someone is doing something foolish or acting socially innapropriate. Comes from the meme “this ni**a eating beans”.
Articuno said some dumb shit, so I told him he was eating beans.
by Luje45 April 6, 2019
Friend: Hey bro, hop on ps4
Me: I’ll get on in a bit I’m eating beans rn.
by AniboioK November 15, 2018
When you spill beans all over yourself while watching Cars 2, a black teenager will shout, "This nigga eating beans."
"I spilled baked beans all over myself watching Cars 2 in the theater & a black teenager shouted, "This nigga eating beans" & everyone laughed."
by RubbaDucca July 9, 2018
The worst insult known to the universe. All men that have been insulted by this phrase will go commit die in 3-7 buisness days.
Me: Eating beans while watching Cars 2 in the theater.

Me: Spills beans.

African American Teenager : This nigga eating beans.

Me: dies
by Memeo The Nag June 7, 2018
Adj. 1.)This word describes a negative action in which one has done the unthinkable, unbelievable, and in public. This usually starts off small, such as putting on the wrong shoes, or having a stain on your shirt. However, the absolute boiling point is when one tries to use the urinal as a toilet, and gets called out for it.
2.)This could also be used in a more literal way, such as eating a can of beans in an inappropriate place. This definition is more of a misdemeanor, but will be met harshly by one's peers and friends.
Ex.1) Govna Quentin: Oi bruv, 'ows this possible?! This isn't the right book I need to turn in!

Library Bloke: Looks like ya just got caught Eating Beans!

Ex.2) Movie Bloke: Oops...*Can of open beans falls on shirt*

Movie Goer: Bruh, are you really eating beans?

Movie Bloke: Yeet

Movie Goer: Why you Eating Beans while we're watching Cars 2, niBBa? Hey everyone, this nigga eatin' Beans!!

Literally everyone: lololololololo
by Suicidal Youtuber #43 September 11, 2018