one of those idiotic lines that makes absoulutley no sense in regards to storyline or plot in a freddie prinze jr. movie.
im eating red beeeaaannnnsss for dinna!!!
by zev January 22, 2004
This occurs when you are at a movie theater and are peacfully watching cars two eating baked beans you smuggled in to the theater. Then you are clumsy as fuck and spill the beans all over your fucking lap giving you third degree burns. Then, to add salt to the wound, a black teenager yells, "This nigga eating beans."
"Hey why did you take so much time off work?"
"Oh, I was eating baked beans while watching cars two and spilled them on my lap and got third degree burns, i knew i shouldn't have put them in the oven."
by sydthescyncekyd August 22, 2019
Expression exclaimed out of frustration or elation. It also may be used as a derogatory adjective or noun, such as: "Hey Guerry, you crack-smokin', juju bean eatin' booboo!"
Hey Guerry, you crack smoking juju bean eating booboo.
by PHiSH September 15, 2014
When you want a boi to eat ur beans
Todd: Hey Jimmy, eat my beans boi!
Jimmy: mmmmmmmmm tasty
Todd: thanks, i made em in my special body part
by Fuckme69420 March 24, 2021