4 definitions by AniboioK

Friend: Hey bro, hop on ps4
Me: I’ll get on in a bit I’m eating beans rn.
by AniboioK November 15, 2018
When a male human does a good deed for a female, the female then owes the male “coochie credit”. Coochie credit means that the female is required to let the male sample her coochie.
Broski#1: Yo bro last night I opened the door for Rebecca at the party.

Broski#2: Yo bro that’s sick she owes u coochie credit now!
by AniboioK October 22, 2019
Danny: Did u hear about what happened to Robin Williams?

Clark: Ya may he RIL
by AniboioK July 7, 2019
A really fucking lit person who always has your back. He can seem a little cocky at times but usually he is really caring and generous. He has heard all of the Star Wars jokes in existence so don’t even bother cracking one when u meet him. Anakin has a huge dick even though it may not seem like it. But most of all, Anakin will look out for all of his friends and will do his best to please them.
John: Bro I’m so lucky to have a friend like Anakin
Brad: Ya Anakin is the best.
by AniboioK November 15, 2018