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A saying meaning to "Hide your asscrack" Typically said when someone is sitting down, and their asscrack is showing. Simple and effective.
John Johnson: *sit*

Andrew Andrews: Oi, smuggle that crack, yo.
John Johnson: Oh shit, thanks, mate
by Suicidal Youtuber #43 November 18, 2019
Adj. 1.)This word describes a negative action in which one has done the unthinkable, unbelievable, and in public. This usually starts off small, such as putting on the wrong shoes, or having a stain on your shirt. However, the absolute boiling point is when one tries to use the urinal as a toilet, and gets called out for it.
2.)This could also be used in a more literal way, such as eating a can of beans in an inappropriate place. This definition is more of a misdemeanor, but will be met harshly by one's peers and friends.
Ex.1) Govna Quentin: Oi bruv, 'ows this possible?! This isn't the right book I need to turn in!

Library Bloke: Looks like ya just got caught Eating Beans!

Ex.2) Movie Bloke: Oops...*Can of open beans falls on shirt*

Movie Goer: Bruh, are you really eating beans?

Movie Bloke: Yeet

Movie Goer: Why you Eating Beans while we're watching Cars 2, niBBa? Hey everyone, this nigga eatin' Beans!!

Literally everyone: lololololololo
by Suicidal Youtuber #43 September 11, 2018
A model (typically for fetish films or pics) who plays the role of a female, or male, but is actually the opposite gender, IE: a "female" trap model is actually just a femboy in drag, same with a "male" model.
Synonym for trap when used as an adjective for a person.
Degenerate 1: OMG Sammantha's feet are so FUCKING hot!
The Enlightened: Uh... I think that's a guy.... he must be a trap model.
Degenerate 2: Don't care.
by Suicidal Youtuber #43 August 12, 2021
An alcoholic beverage mix which includes, but not limited to, one part Jack Daniels, two parts purple kool aid
and a jigger of formaldehyde from the jar with Hitler's brain that you could get in some bars' back storeroom( you might need permission for this one though). Usually served during law enforced "Happy Hour" in bars all across America. It came into popularity when President Reagan came to office.
Last call for alcohol
Last call for freedom of speech
Drink up, happy hour is now enforced by law
And don't forget our house special,

It's called the Tricky Dicky Screwdriver
by Suicidal Youtuber #43 February 20, 2018
adj. While not as far away as Buttfuck Nowhere, this term is used when you have no idea where you are located currently, but have a general sense of where you're, somewhat, at. This is normally used when describing your location in a text, or as a witty comment. Synonym for "Middle of Nowhere", although it can also be interchanged with "Hell".
Nig-nog #1: Where did that pig want us to go again, niBBA?

Niglet: Man, IDK, probably Buttfuck, New Jersey...
by Suicidal Youtuber #43 March 11, 2018