A name restaurants, pubs, cafes or any other establishment selling 'gourmet' style food, call themselves to sound more appealing to hipsters.
Hey have you been to that wicked new craft beer pub/eatery that's just opened next to the Modern Top Knot barber yet?

I went there before it was a pub.
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1. The act of eating
2. A store which is in business by encouraging people to eat; the eating is usually done by paying for the right to eat the store's food.
1. Jon! You have commited eatery by consuming all of the cookies by yourself!
2. Lets go to the eatery, I'm really hungry!
by Big D and The Gimpy Leg March 31, 2005
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A quicker way to ask someone if they "ate already"
by ET Munch August 24, 2009
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you ah eating at da blue cow eatery?

yeas yeas. i eat lots of de sperm.
by DA MOLE! January 20, 2010
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Friend 1: I wish our friend group could hang out and play games together but Aditya never comes out of his house!
Friend 2: I bet he would if we tell him that we're going to Hideout Eatery and Gaming
by MediaChick November 24, 2021
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n. Canadian franchised eating establishment with wobbly tables and flaming pits where customers can eat what they brung after cooking it themselves ... or not. Based loosely on a cross between pre-colonial Canadian cafes and downscale hobo camps.

Hungry? Me too! Let's club a raven and hunker down at Amanda's Self-Cook BYOF Eatery, where if you don't like your meal you can try again ... or not.
by gnostic3 July 5, 2023
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