You can go eat fuck., I think you should eat fuck. Well you could do that or you could Eat Fuck.
by Essex121514 March 2, 2007
1) The act of randomly walking into a room with two strangers in the act of sexual intercourse and interrupting them by taking a big bite out of the vagina while the penis is inserted.
2)The simultaneous removal of the genitals between an unfortunate couple during sexual intercourse by eating.
"Eat fuck? How does that make any sense?"

"Well, it's like eating a pig in a blanket by taking a bite right down the middle."
by SpidroPeterson March 20, 2008
When something/someone is so majestically fabulously fantabulous that there are no words to describe them so you accuse them of eating Spaghetti because spaghetti is equally fantabulous

~For Charolinat
by Ninjacorn December 21, 2013
See wordBritish/word.
I'm going to go shoot that crumpet eating fuck because he has his way with little kids.
by Concerned Citizen August 26, 2003
the act of consuming various parts of foods, dropping everything, and proceeding to immediate fornication
Ross: What the hell is this? Did Luis and Sarah just eat, drop everything, and fuck?
Jessie: Ummm. Yeah.
Ross: So thats what they did... eat and fuck.
Jessie: Yes
by Anonymous...izzle June 1, 2009
Expletive phrase employed by persons wishing to attatch no gender-based or sexually orientated connectation to his or her verbalized confrontation and or response.
"Eat my fuck, you swaybacked, infantalized whore."
by JP Reader October 9, 2005
A directive given to someone in anger or displeasure
oh, why don't you just eat some fuck, asshole!
by Woody Thomas August 4, 2007