An office drone is a person who works a white collar job that doesn't vary much from day to day, usually at the low end of the income spectrum. They spend most of their time in a cubicle, and their day to day actions are nearly robotic.
"Mr. Incredible was quite the office drone when working for the insurance firm at the beginning of the movie."
by UmichVoiceMajor December 27, 2016
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Similar in concept to the Speedball drug cocktail, except using only legal drugs, in this case the depressant qualities of alcohol and stimulant effects of caffeine in place of heroin and cocaine.

This covers everything from Irish Coffee to neat vodka with a 5 hour energy chaser, anything that will leave you with all the energy of a sober person and none of the decision making capacity.
Friend: How are you able to keep working on that paper? You're wasted!

Me: Office-drone Speedball baby, try it some time!
by Mike What January 25, 2020
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