A Jamaican term derving from hustlers and shottas.
"Eat" meaning to survive. To get by and make enough money to live the way you want. "Foods" means to do anything and I mean anything.
My dogs will "eat" any "food" at any time.
My boys will do anything at anytime to get by.

Dem boy de no want man fe Eat A food
Those guys dont wannna see me prosper

I'm trying to finish school this year so I can eat like the big shots.
by FYAH REDZ September 21, 2005
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A four person sexual encounter involving two males, a female, and an a cougar where each participant takes turn in tossing ones' salad while in a giant pool of rice/noodles and soy sauce.
"I can't wait to eat thai food with those two hotties and that mom from that show"
by jbournon February 22, 2010
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when you're talking about someone, something, or a certain situation and you're giving your opinion on it and you decided to not talk about it to avoid saying something bad or saying something that'll make someone look a certain way.
"Yo, did you know that Sierra sleep with her bestfriends boyfriend? I knew she was a hoe but-- You know what? Imma just shut up and eat my food, it's not any of my business at the end of the day."
by Zamarioarias January 30, 2019
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Not to be confused with being cut or sliced buck fifty, eat your food is a slang phrase meaning to be stabbed once or repeatly in anger with a shank, knife, filed toothbrush or any other sharp object with the intent to kill.
If I catch you looking at me like that again, I'm going to make you eat your food.
by Heist January 22, 2005
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Today is the day whete you are allowed to eat Tyler's food no matter what
"Its Eat Tyler's Food Day!"
"Lets go eat all his food"
by MiniPigeon November 6, 2019
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