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2 definitions by Zamarioarias

when you're talking about someone, something, or a certain situation and you're giving your opinion on it and you decided to not talk about it to avoid saying something bad or saying something that'll make someone look a certain way.
"Yo, did you know that Sierra sleep with her bestfriends boyfriend? I knew she was a hoe but-- You know what? Imma just shut up and eat my food, it's not any of my business at the end of the day."
by Zamarioarias January 30, 2019
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you say this when someone gets bad karma for telling people about someone or a certian situation when it was not their place to say anything at all.
Person 1: "Wow I can't believe im getting hate for tell people what Sarah did."

Person 2: "That's what you get you should've shut up and ate your food."
by Zamarioarias January 30, 2019
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