a wound that needs to be closed by approx. 150 stitches
he was talking trash and caught a buck fifty on his face
by Doomsday April 13, 2003
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1. A long slash like scar or wound left on a victims face after being attacked with a box cutter or razor.

see also: ox
"When that motherfucka stepped to me I pulled out my ox and gave his bitch-ass a buck fifty!"

by El-Keter July 26, 2002
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Used to describe a person's weight in lbs

My boyfriend is a scrawny buck fifty

Mike's fat girlfriend has gotta be a solid buck fifty
by batteryacid November 25, 2006
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Pizza "slice" in NY costs around 1.50
They sliced him open...they gave him a buck fifty
by 7ucky0ne April 6, 2019
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person 1: hey where is my wallet?

person 2: imma keep it a buck fifty with you; your girl snatched it
by nova the first July 25, 2019
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