14 definitions by squatfucker420

when you show up to fuck, but you see a used condom in the trash
"yo me and jules were gonna fuck but it was easy come, easy go when i found a fucking used condom in the trash and her ex avi's shirt in the bathroom"
by squatfucker420 January 30, 2017
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when you finger your bitch so deep you reach the fertelized eggs
yo, last night i was in so deep i think there was some deep egg fingering going on!
by squatfucker420 January 29, 2017
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when you see a hot hoe with massive jugs but when you take off her bra shes flatter then a flat screen TV
"i was so hyped to see laqueeshas double d boobs but when i took off her bra she was flatter then my 6 year old brother."

"ugh i hate flat stanleys!"
by squatfucker420 January 30, 2017
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a number that is more then a million and a billion multiplied by another billion to express ones love
i love you times a flubajillion!!
by squatfucker420 February 2, 2017
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when a piece of apparel is so fucking soft you just want to jack off to it
dayummmm i just got these new joggers and they are orgasm material for sure!
by squatfucker420 June 8, 2017
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a funny word known as to scooping one or anothers boob.
i tried to bean dip marlie but there was nothing to dip...
by squatfucker420 February 1, 2017
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when you push repetitively with the palm of your hand on a dick so it goes in and out mulitple times
dude last night susan gave me a heimlich job to make up for lost time
by squatfucker420 January 29, 2017
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