When you're going down on a woman ( preforming cunnilingus ) and she clamps her thighs on your head covering your ears, cause you're doing such a good job on your prefomance.
I bout to get them earmuffs tonight!
Have you squeezing my head like a Boa Constrictor
by FTMTBEAR March 7, 2017
Earmuffs are what adults tell children to put on when they are talking about anything R-rated, or inappropriate for those children to be hearing. Good for when children have finally learned how to spell, and they are in all adult company.
Dad: You werent saying that last night when I was...


Dad: Earmuffs!

**children cover ears**

Dad: You didnt say that last night when I was..tapping that ass.
by justasillylilgirl March 18, 2009
Hands put over a child's ears so adults can cuss. Sometimes followed with the child crawled up in a ball and yelling LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA until the parents stop yelling.

Or even an adult who covers thier ears in such manner as to act like they cannot hear the other person.
Man, Ians ears are red becuase he had his earmuffs on. I know he heard me even if he acted like he could not.
by Diane the BITCH July 9, 2005
When a man gets a blow job while taking a shit. Holding his hands over her ears forcing her to finish before finishing his shit.
Jeremy "taking that dump was so much easier after blowing my load in her mouth." "Had to use the earmuffs technique"
by allstar711 October 8, 2010
A command directed towards a child so he/she will cover her ears while an adult curses.
Earmuffs, Billy. Earmuffs.
by Sha June 19, 2003
"Earmuffs" is a term to describe a girl that has amazingly sexy thighs that you want wrapped around your head. That way you can eat her muff while your ears are covered. Hence, being Earmuffed.
I was at the school the other day, and 6 different pairs of earmuffs walked by. I'd earmuff the hell outta all of them.
by earmuffking April 12, 2013
A term used to describe the orgasmic clamping action of a gal's inner thighs over the ears of somebody performing oral sex.
Man, she totally earmuffed me!
by Heat123 October 24, 2007