part of speech: idiom

Originally used by Neil Armstrong when the first man-made craft (the "Eagle") landed on the moon, now used to indicate the completion of a "mission objective".
1. Neil Armstrong: Houston, the Eagle has landed.

2. Criminal #1: Are you inside?
Criminal #2: The Eagle has landed.

3. Jim: So, did you sleep with Allison yet?
Tim: Dude, the Eagle has landed.
by InfrequentNinja January 30, 2004
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The sexual position which requires one partner, and an RC airplane. To perform the position, you must first have the RC airplane on the man's erect penis, representing the runway for the plane. When all the flight checks meet standards, you may take off, being sure the penis is used as a proper runway. When the airplane is in the air, the other partner must then bend over to simulate the runway in which the plane will land after its journey around Europe. Once all the sights have been seen, you can then proceed to land the plane in the runway , which is the other partner's anus. Then the position is finished with the man ejaculating and shouting, "The Eagle has Landed!"
I finally convinced my wife to do the eagle has landed with me, and I even let her be the pilot. It was a blast!
by TheEagleLander December 8, 2014
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The sudden relief of finally being able to release a shit after a long period of time
by Yeah boi tings January 2, 2016
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Famous Words of Neil Armstrong as he guided the Apollo Lunar Lander "Eagle" in it's final stages of landing on the moon in 1969.
Houston, Tranquillity base here. The Eagle has Landed.
by Trent S Hopkinson May 1, 2006
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To approve that you have got the goods on you. (I.E. Weed)
Dan: So dude, whats going on tonight?

Henry: The Eagle has Landed!

Dan: Nice....
by ryyaann1103 July 24, 2009
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An expression used in concurrance with a great accomplishment. An obvious referrence to the first Apollo mission to the moon, where it was spoken at the landing of the lunar module. Duh.
Reaching the summit of a mountain; finally putting down bags of groceries; landing on the moon, etc.
by Dr. Phunck January 25, 2004
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This was also a popular WW2 movie where Michael Caine was a German who landed in the UK to assinate Churchill.
by Scartissue April 21, 2005
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