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An exclamation often said by pilots when flying in heavy rain, fog or cloud. Usually to their co-pilot, but not to air traffic controll on the radio. Usually said when the other pilot claims to know where the landing runway is, while the exclaimant has no idea. Is an indicator that the person saying the phrase is both lost, and can't see anything comprehensable out the window
Copilot: Runway is off to the right sir
Pilot: Where? I can't see shit!
by Trent S Hopkinson April 06, 2006

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1: When an aircraft or other vehicle capable of flight touches the surface of a planet after a period of flight. also: Landed

2: When a football player puts a football onto the ground inside the scoring area while still holding the ball, scoring some points after having avoided being tackled or having the ball stolen from him from a member of the other team.
1a: Nice Touchdown there Captain!
1b: "Houston, Tranquillity Base here, The Eagle has Landed"

2: Jaggar passes to Murphy, dodges past Robson and he's in the clear! Great touchdown there! another three points to the Eagles for 33 to 29.
by Trent S Hopkinson April 30, 2006

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Famous Words of Neil Armstrong as he guided the Apollo Lunar Lander "Eagle" in it's final stages of landing on the moon in 1969.
Houston, Tranquillity base here. The Eagle has Landed.
by Trent S Hopkinson April 30, 2006

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a McDonell Douglas MD-85 with new engines and cockpit systems and with a boeing sticker on its nose.

When Boeing aquired McDonnel Douglas through a corperate takeover, they took the MD-95 designes, changed one or two things and called it a Boeing 717-200. The cockpit of the 717-200 is the same as the MD11, showing just how much of the design is Boeing-made... that is to say, the paint job that sais "Boeing" on the side of it.
717-200's are good planes. Even though they are really MD-95's
by Trent S Hopkinson April 09, 2006

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In Aviation, the operation of an aircraft with all or many of it's extendable surfaces in their extended state, such as Flaps extended, Landing Gear down, Slats out, Spoilers out etc. This increases drag on the aircraft and can be used to slow the aircraft. When used during a standard landing will reqire a higher thrust setting than Flying Clean to maintain the same descent and speed profile, increasing noise and fuel burn.
1:By the time we intercepted the glide slope the captain had all the hangy bits out, Flying Dirty to get the speed down for landing.

Flying a Clean approach is better than Flying Dirty for Noise Abatement reasons, for that reason it is best to delay extention of the landing gear and flaps till late on finals to reduce noise.
by Trent S Hopkinson April 30, 2006

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The rear end of something. Can be synonomus with Anus.

1: To be very close behind another aircraft. Either intentionally as in Air Combat, or unintentionally such as on final approach to land. In the second case this will usually result in a late landing clearance, a reqirement to slow down, and even a possible requirement to go around.

2: Expression of expectation for an object, such as a missile, to catch up to, and hit an aircraft.

3: To be very close behind any other object when driving or piloting a vehicle, possibly even expressing a front-to-back collision or stopping incident.

4: a psuedonym for an object being stuck into an anal cavity.
1a: "After combat manuvers I found myself up his six, after which I shot him down"

1b: ATC put us on finals way too close to that Dash-8, we ended up his six and we had to go arond

2: We came up on that Iraqi Mig and I fired a missile up his six.

3: That idiot in the crappy japanise car slammed his breaks on and we ended up his six. There goes my insurance premium, and no claim bonus. Damn it.

4: He's gay. as in he takes it up his six.
by Trent S Hopkinson January 28, 2007

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a numeric transposition of the Girl's name "Elise". Sometimes associated with 3lise "Three - Leese". If you type it in backwards into a standard calculator, and flip the calculator upsidedown, the calculator will spell out "Elise"
I like Elise, she is hot.

*goes all gooey and types her name into the calculator "35173"

"Hello Threeleese"

*can't be bothered typing in name backwards in calculator, so just types in "37153" and then goes all squishy-goo over his crush on Elise.
by Trent S Hopkinson May 08, 2006

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