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a feminazi is NOT another word for a feminist. they are very different.

feminists believe that women should have rights equal to men.

feminazis believe that men should have no rights and should be killed.

there are relatively few feminazis in the world.
idiot #1: she wanted to make the same money as you for doing the same job? what a feminazi!!

idiot #2: yeah! what a fucking dyke cunt!

not-such-an-idiot #1: are you two retarded? she's just a feminist.

not-such-an-idiot #2: yeah. now that one over there, carrying that "DEATH TO MEN" sign... SHE's a feminazi.

idiot #1 & #2: ohhhh...
by InfrequentNinja June 11, 2004

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1. A derogatory term for a homosexual man.

2. Someone who is completely insane.

3. A cake made with bits of fruit and drenched in scotch.
1. Uncle Jim married Pete? I didn't know he was a fruitcake!

2. Uncle Jim married a blender? I didn't know he was a fruitcake!

3. Me: What's a fruitcake?
Someone Else: It's a cake made with bits of fruit and drenched in scotch.
Me: Drenched in scotch? Sounds like my Uncle Jim.
by InfrequentNinja February 09, 2004

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part of speech: idiom

Originally used by Neil Armstrong when the first man-made craft (the "Eagle") landed on the moon, now used to indicate the completion of a "mission objective".
1. Neil Armstrong: Houston, the Eagle has landed.

2. Criminal #1: Are you inside?
Criminal #2: The Eagle has landed.

3. Jim: So, did you sleep with Allison yet?
Tim: Dude, the Eagle has landed.
by InfrequentNinja January 30, 2004

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Breaking and Entering
1. Forcing entry into a home or other building that does not belong to you.

2. The criminal record of the act described above.

3. Great way to make some fa$t ca$h when you're in a tight spot and the loan sharks are after you.
1. "Dude, so we B&E'd the donut shop last night..."

2. "I did 6 months for B&E."

3. "Vinny and Joey were gonna break my legs, so Tito and I pulled a few B&E jobs, and scraped together some fast cash."
by InfrequentNinja January 29, 2004

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1. The 2 of each suit in a deck of cards.
2. The middle (or second) finger.
3. An unattractive woman (as if rating on a scale of 1 - 10)
4. Feces (idiotic and vulgar)
1. I've got a pair of Jacks, a pair of Queens, and the deuce of hearts.
2. I flipped him the deuce.
3. Woof, woof! She's a deuce.
4. I'm really stupid and I have to drop a deuce.

idioms: "Deuces wild." (cards)
"What the deuce!?" (similar to "What the hell!?")
"Double deuce." (two middle fingers at once.)
"Drop a deuce." (to defecate)
by InfrequentNinja February 12, 2004

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1. to steal
2. to become intoxicated on any substance
3. to stab
1. "I ganked a soda from the store."
2. "I was so ganked last night on coffee/alcohol/marijuana/crack/heroin/etcetera."
3. "I ganked him with a shiv in the prison shower."
by InfrequentNinja March 03, 2004

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