EXO is a Korean/Chinese Boygroup. They have 12 former members. They are separated into two sub-groups.

EXO-K (Korean): Suho/Kim Junmyeon (EXO'S leader, vocalist).
Baekhyun/Byun Baekhyun (EXO's main vocalist)

Chanyeol/Park Chanyeol (EXO's main rapper, composer)
D.O./Doh Kyungsoo (used to be EXO's lead vocalist, is now a main vocalist)
Kai/Kim Jongin (EXO's main dancer, vocalist, lead rapper, face of the group)
Sehun/Oh Sehun (EXO's maknae, lead dancer, rapper, sub-vocalist)

EXO-M (Mandarin):
Xiumin/Kim Minseok (EXO's lead vocalist, lead dancer)
Lu Han/Luhan (lead vocalist (bro he was definitely a main vocalist, listen to his voice ffs), lead dancer, face of the group)
Kris/ Wu Yifan (Main Rapper, used to be EXO-M's leader, vocalist)
Lay/Zhang Yixing (Main dancer, vocalist (he also should definitely be a main vocalist but eh))
Chen/Kim Jongdae (Main Vocalist a.k.a a vocal god)

Tao/Huang Zitao (lead rapper, vocalist)

They are currently 9 members since 3 members (Kris,Tao and Luhan) left the group.

EXO are one of the most famous KPOP groups in history. They won there first daesang really fast and currently they own 23 daesangs. EXO are literally the kings of KPOP and no one can resist them.

Their fandom is one of the most powerful fandoms ever !!! EXO-L's and EXO are really comfortable with each other since EXO told EXO-L's that they want to be as close as possible.
A: hey do you know EXO ?
B: Of course I do, who doesn't. They are kings !!!
by hi, I love exo !!!!! December 13, 2017
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Synonym for Success, Amazing Visuals, Unbeatable Vocals, Nation's Pick.
Is a SKorean boy group with nine members, apparently came from Exoplanet with individual powers. We all know that's a lie, though. We all know what they truly are.
Haters gonna hate cuz EXO is the most awarded act in SK history, representing SK internationally in uncountable occasions. They are the true ones who have their (numerous) bags filled with earned trophies. They've been on the top for 6 years in an industry where the shelf-life is max 3 years.

Group consists of Chanyeol (talents are as neverending as his ears), Chen (dinosaur with his smile outshining the sun), Xiumin (never aging, alternatively cute as a button and heartracingly sexy), Baekhyun (smoll puppy responsible for everyone's laughter), Kai (hotasfuckasdfghjk), Sehun (maknae with the biggest nose), Suho (the Guardian, momma, protector, glue that binds the eight unruly kids), Lay (confused but still loves everyone and mostly EXO and EXOLs) and D.O. (best idol actor, doesn't have to act scary to scare Chanyeol, he's naturally so).
EXOL: Did you listen to Power? It was the first kpop song played in the Dubai Fountain Show
Hater: But our faves performed in *an obscure American Awardshow*. Our faves are international.
EXOL: EXO was the only kpop boy group to perform in the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics.
Hater: ....
by chogiWOW March 28, 2018
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Gods that walk among our Earth with 9 members. They kill everyone in their sight of their AMAZING looks. Like omg how does someone looks so freaking good.
Random girl 1: omg did you see Exo
Random girl 2: yes I think I died when I saw them I fell down
by Gyun Do oppa September 26, 2018
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A term for potent, "exotic" strains of marijuana which confuses kids at the grasscity forums because it's only thrown around in the ghettoey neighborhoods spanning from western suffolk, long island to queensbridge new york.
Gc n00b: yo, 110 for 1/4 zip of exos was it worth it?
Rude gc poster: wtf!?!? Speak in terms we understand!
by Milothemightyy August 24, 2009
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Embarrassing is EXO.

EXO is embarrassing.

When you like, watch or even come by something remotely EXO, you will have a feeling in the bottom of you're stomach that will force you to close your browsers, scream, roll over and re-evaluate your life choices and the universe.
"Hey what's wrong why did you through your laptop outside the window?"
"Because its too EXO"
by sweggynotfeggykrisus November 17, 2013
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A South Korean boys group that debuted under SM Entertainment on 8 April 2012 . Since then they became very famous and took over the world , and EXO-Ls' hearts too .

There's no visual nor talent hole in EXO , so stan the kings !
Friend : I like EXO ! Especially Sehun !
Me : Oh really ? Me too , my bias is Lay !
Friend : Uh , who is that ?
Me : *leaves*

Me : Did you see the latest exo's interaction with bts ?
Bestie : Yes ! My army and exol heart had been fed !
via giphy
by bangmyexogod7 February 22, 2019
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