The stage name of Kim Minseok, he's part of a 12 member South Korean/Chinese boy group called EXO and his power is frost and his badge is a snowflake. He was born on March 26th 1990 making him a 23 year old man with the face of a squishy 5 year old boy. His most well-known nickname give by a co-member luhan, is "Baozi" which means 'little bun/meat bun' in Chinese mainly because he has cute chubby cheeks.
Xiumin is Korean but he is the Chinese sub-unit of EXO (EXO-M) along with another fellow Korean member, Chen. In EXO-M, he is the neatest, strongest, funniest and cleanest member according to interviews. He looks quite a lot like Ahn Sohee from the Wonder Girls.

Xiumin's also known for being able to get really high notes, as seen from his battle with vocalists Chen and Baekhyun, however SM Entertainment still won't let him have many lines in their songs.
Person 1: Who's your bias in exo?

Person 2: Ah, Baozi, of course! Xiumin is my favorite~!
by AdventureTiem101 December 29, 2013
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god of all gods. ace of all aces. He has a perfect face that will easily make you kneel. He's cute and charming but will definitely makes you sweat sometimes. He is the definition of a living fairy. He has a cat face and is well-known for his hand synchronization. He loves cleaning and likes to d rink coffee. He was labeled as the one who attracts new fans in his group, EXO. He is a multi-talented, all-rounder artist. Xiumin main vocal, Xiumin main dancer, Xiumin rapper, Xiumin visual. He's the leader of EXO-CBX. His fandom name is ELSA.
Ohh! You stan Xiumin? Taste.
by xiuolo November 10, 2020
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Xiumin is the stage name of Kim Minseok, a marshmallow-loving member of the Korean/Chinese boygroup EXO. He is a multitalented god with abs of steel, but at the same time a little fluffball.
Xiumin used to be in a relationship with ex member Luhan but after the break up, he moved on and is now happily married to Kim Jongdae, aka Chen

Even though he has many talents like singing (king of high notes), dancing and rapping he is underappreciated by his company.

Please send this smol angel lots of love and support!
"Maaarshmalloooooow" ~ xiumin

"have you seen the eve dance practice?" "yes of course! Xiumin killed it!"

"Shimmie Shimmie kokobop, I think I like it." ~ xiumin, 2017
by Nagajuseyo July 02, 2018
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The oldest member of EXO. He also out-sang, out-danced, out-visualed, out-breathed, out-lived, out-walked, out-everything.
Person : Yo, who's that cute talented guy over there?

EXO-L/Elsa : Oh, that's EXO's Xiumin, he is indeed very cute and talented
by Xiumin's missing sock January 06, 2022
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