A 9 member boy group from South Korea who will always protect their fans. 9 on stage 12 at heart. EXO are sometimes not loved as much as they should be by other people.
EXO are the most heart warming people on this planet
by EXO December 02, 2018
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Da Chron, another term for exotic strains of marijuana.
My boy just got back from Amsterdam wit some exos.
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A group filled with some racist members. Although they have the best vocals in the Kpop industry their rapping sucks ass. Most of them are very ignorant and colorist. There fans are the worst fandom in Kpop
Did you see how exo performed that terrible song with that stupid drop kokobop
by exosucks August 27, 2018
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"Tonight was just exo."

"His skills are exo."

"We had an exo time this weekend."

"That's exo!"
by gelizzle March 20, 2005
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a very very unusual person. Exo will love you at first, but hurt you at the end. If you ever decide to be with an exo I suggest you be ready for a roller coaster. Exo's usually tends to have bad tempers and unrealistic minds. Exo is very good at hiding emotions so you have to ask what is wrong when you notice he isn't like himselg. overall, exo is very very outgoing and funny! Keep exo in your hands, because he is a handful!
by vuuhure783 November 16, 2019
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is EXO.
A k-pop boy group with 9 members. With 8 members 'active' (as long as the company says) in South Korea, and 1 member active in China.

EXO's leader is SUHO (Kim Junmyeon/1991 May 22). With members XIUMIN (Kim Minseok/1990 March 26), LAY (Zhang Yixing/1991 October 7), BAEKHYUN (Byun Baekhyun/1992 May 6), CHEN (Kim Jongdae/1992 September 21), CHANYEOL (Park Chanyeol/1992 November 27), D.O. (Do Kyungsoo/1993 January 12), KAI (Kim Jongin/1994 January 14) & SEHUN (Oh Sehun/1994 April 12).
EXO members have a corresponding number:
SUHO- 01
LAY- 10
CHEN- 21
D.O.- 12
KAI- 88

EXO have two sub-units: EXO-CBX, with members CHEN, BAEKHYUN & XIUMIN; and EXO-SC, with members SEHUN & CHANYEOL.

EXO have two members with solo albums: CHEN, who already released two solo albums(April, and a Flower on 2019 April 1 & Dear my dear on 2019 October 1); and BAEKHYUN, who released his first solo album City Lights on 2019 July 10.
Oh Sehun from EXO shared his thoughts about his group, which is 'EXO is EXO'.
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by Alnitak January 09, 2020
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EXO, are a 9 member South Korean/Chinese boy group who also go by the titles kings of kpop,avengers of kpop, most talented boy group & most awarded kpop act of all time in history. The group is composed of Xiumin,Suho,Lay?Baekhyun,Chen,Chanyeol,D.O,Sehun & Kai. Chen,baekhyun & DO are known as the vocal kings in the industry. Kai, sehun & Lay are known as the best dancers & suho & xiumin are also known for their sweet melodic vocals.
“did baekhyuns new album sell 1 million in a global pandemic

“Of course it did, he’s byun baekhyun of EXO”

“And did EXO win the daesang 6th year in a row?”
“Yep, as expected”
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by I believe in EXO supremacy September 19, 2020
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