One of the subgroups under EXO, a new group under SM Entertainment. EXO-K is the Korean subgroup of EXO, which has six members. In all, EXO has twelve members. The six members in EXO-K are Suho, Kai, Sehun, Baekhyun, D.O., and Chanyeol. The name of the fans of EXO are called "Exotics".
"All the guys in EXO are cute, but I think the guys in EXO-K are so much hotter than the guys in EXO-M! And Kai is definitely the hottest."

"Are you kidding me?! Sehun is totally the hottest! He used to be an ulzzang (Korean for, basically, best-looking)!"
by exoticforlife June 5, 2012
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