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Suho is the leader of exo-k also known as $uho or kim joon money. He claims he's the mother of exo, but that's not true, 'cause d.o 's obviously the mother, anyway he pays everyone off everytime he says or does somthing stupid, because he's loaded and he used to be neighbour with Siwon (he's also a rich bitch with a mighty fine body). $uho also has a crush on Krystal from f(x) or any pretty girl in general. Except for making derp* crying* faces while singing he's also really akward, but we all love him, beacuse he paid us to
Suho: Hello, I'm exo's leader and mother, Suho imnida! *bows*
D.O : O.O *death glare*
Baekhyun: Hyung, buy us dinner.
Suho: if you say please, I'll give you 50$ each
Exo: Please

Sehun: Hey can you lend me 20$?
Suho: Do you think money grows on trees?
Sehun: What is money made out of?
Suho: Paper.
Sehun: Where does paper come from?
Suho: ....
Suho: Here's your 20$.

Suho trying to be ''sexy''

by yousonasty October 08, 2013
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totally and undeniably in love with a filipino girl named Danisse M.B.L.
Suho: Hey Babe!
Danisse: Yeah?
Suho: Saranghae <3
Sehun: Yehet Suho!
by umma22 January 06, 2014
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