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1. A poker/gambling term, short for 'Expected Value'. Basically means how much you can expect to win at any gamble. For example, if you tossed a coin and I gave you a dollar if you flipped a head, then your EV is 50 cents. Often preceded by 'positive' or 'negative' where the former implies it is a good situation and the latter a negative one.

2. As above but also applied to random everyday situations where the outcome is unknown.
I had good EV on that call because the pot was so large

Chasing inside straight draws is negative EV.

You should go chat to that girl. Gotta be positive EV

Argh, Monday mornings are so negative EV.
by PiemasterUK January 30, 2006
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One who has a mania for music.
I am a melomaniac.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
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The name of someone who is amazing sweet and adorable and is loved
Ev is adorable
by YouHaveNoReasonForKnowing August 23, 2017
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an acronym for Escape Velocity.
Escape Velocity is the name of a computer game by Ambrosia Software, and the popular game franchise that began with it. The Escape Velocity games are open-ended adventure games that conform to a sci-fi theme of space combat and adventure in the distant future; often confused with RPGs, due to the open-ended storylines and user-defined roles.

The original Escape Velocity game was written for Macintosh, as well as its successor Escaoe Velocity Override (EVO). Later, a third game, Escape Velocity Nova or EVN was ported to the PC platform where conversions allowed PC gamers to play the earlier versions with the EVN for Windows game engine.

The EV games (especially EV Nova) can be dramatically altered or enhanced through an endless array of plugins, which can be downloaded or custom designed by the user, giving Escape Velocity a definitive edge in replay value.
well, I'm off to play EV Nova.

I wish I still had time to do that...
by Cunjo November 12, 2004
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shortened form of 'whatev', the shortened 'whatever'
jenni: let's do some more work on our project
james: ev, i'm going to play darts
by james sanders August 09, 2006
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often capitlaized, it refers to a series of sci-fi RPGs produced by Ambrosia Software. All three games, Escape Velocity, EV Overide, and EV Nova, are able to be modified with files known as plugins, thus making the game way more fun. Escape Velocity and EV Overide are only for Macs. EV Nova is for both Mac and PC.
Hey, did you ge the new plugin for EV Nova?
by Disco Stu September 25, 2003
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