Enormous Penis Syndrome
Introduced in the TV show HIMYM.
Girl: Wow, you have enormous penis syndrome? I've never heard of that.
Barney: Yeah, that's the problem with EPS, lack of awareness.
by nightfoxx February 20, 2012
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Any episodes on TV on the internet, especially of poor quality
Boss: Get back to work!
Leticia: Can't loading eps
Boss: What did you say?
Leticia: Y'all know, eps!
Boss: Oh sorry I didn't hear you the first time
by katiewisconsin May 08, 2008
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buy the domain for your pet vlog
An investor term meaning earnings per share. Usually is a good indicator of a stocks growth and health.
The eps on blahblah is only $1.63? Never mind buying that then.
by Robosapien123 May 18, 2008
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noun: abbreviation for "Explosive Pants Shitting." The explosiveness of the shitting is directly correlated to the distance traveled to the toilet. Often, the shit blows all over the back of the toilet as well.
I had to send one more email, but the E.P.S. was building, so I ran to the restroom, and just got my pants down in time.
by Dick Treat September 13, 2010
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