Evil Loophole Gun Show. A term of derision used to mock the craven rights-violators who call the free exercise of the right to keep and bear arms and the right to contract, to trade, and to fully own one's property a "loophole". The point of calling a gun show a loophole is to embed that lie into the public mind so that when the right to sell or purchase firearms at a gun show is outlawed by Congress it will not cause a revolution among the people.
"I finally got my AR-15 rifle today at an ELGS. You had best get yours if you want one before that right is infringed."
by Obsta December 25, 2007
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ELGS- Stands for 'Ever Lasting Gob Stopper' and means that the person will not blow a load when given head.
Will: Hi James how was last night?

James: I was an ELGS again man.

Will: Oh dude this is ur new nickname.
by Flash125 June 13, 2009
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was born in irc
by Anonymous September 23, 2003
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Å elge, is the norwegian acronyme for puke. It is often used in episodes conected to alcohol and drinking.
Example 1. Det er aldri greit å elge.
Example 2. Se på han der da, han elger som f*aen.
Example 3. Aldri sett noen elge så¨mye før.
Example 4. Han elget hele kvelden.
by Norway Is The Right Way December 14, 2010
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community of people with a common desire to leave schools more quickly. Often their plans do not translate into reality. But their disorganization has become their charm. In the end they manage to prepare everything and rejoice (drink) the fact that everything turned out. The hate of some teachers unites them.

Special features: like literature, memes and srach in a class conversation
- where is 11 elge , i can't find it ?
- they're drinking tea in Tamta Iuzovna classroom
by elgeforever May 21, 2017
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Somebody with street cred around the Hood.
Somebody ya wanna be homie with!
Wassup Elg u wanna listen to rap?
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A type of guy that have a big heart and gives you loyalty that you can't find to someone. Elge quick to get angry and easy to picky but he never forgets that he loves you. he is the type guy who is good at circling his beloved for his happiness. But elge know how to handle a relationship that you always beginning for someone.
Boy: a have meet an elge and i know he is a good person.
by Mcsanloid June 7, 2021
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