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1) Attractive Girl that Guy's can't resist. The Center of attention no matter who's with her. Will dance with you and leave you alone at the end of the night. Love's to have a good time and smoke the Ganja.

2) Doesn't give a shit about what people think or say. Creative, Powerful, Intense and Loyal. A hermit that stay's up at night and sleeps during the day. Nerdy! Moody! Bi!

3) Get's what she want's. Doesn't like to be called Sexy, but it's OK to be referred too as Sexy! Won't hang out with you even if you fly 5,000 miles to see her.
Dude: Did you see that girl dancing on top of the bar?
Friend: Yeah! That was so Tamta!

Dude: Did you chat with that girl on the internet all night?
Friend: Yeah! That was Tamta!

Dude: You danced with that girl all night and she left you for a chick?
Friend: Yeah! What a Tamta!
by themagicisback February 05, 2010
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