Cru is a rad person. They love riding bikes and is the wild one in the family. They’re not scared of anything. They are absolutely gorgeous people. They are most likely not Single because everybody loved them. They are super super super smart and is most likely going/went to a expensive college. They will Listen and be there when you need them. Not to mention how talented they are like wow. Everybody needs a Cru in there life.
Dang Cru is so talented
by Okaygirl June 9, 2020
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A mytholgical creature that dwells in the deep cornors of the forest, but, a "cru" may enter into the real world on every second tuesday of every third month, or when gerbils and parakeets are on sale at petco.
1. "Stupid CRU"
2. a word to to call your friend that usually says dumb stuff.
3. something ugly. ex. "dude, thats so cru."
by crukiller December 16, 2008
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Cru is a very radical girl. She is the wild one in the family. She has hazel eyes and is actually very girly, but secretly she’s a tomboy. Cru attracts all the men with gorgeous looks and beautiful body. She is very very smart and will remember and listen everything you say. She’s absolutely gorgeous and is most likely going to an expensive college. Cru is an amazing person to have on your team. She is rad.
Dang look at Cru, she’s gorgeous!
by Okaygirl June 9, 2020
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One level above crucial. It can describe anything from the way a person looks, a messed up situation, or anything that is ridiculous. Can be used as a noun or a verb.
Nikki Nik: Lynny Lynn I heard about your girl at the club last night.

Lynn Lynn: Yeah, she was wilding! She was so drunk that she fell twice and chipped her tooth and on the way to the hospital she found out her car was towed.

Nikki Nik: Dang, that's cru-cru.
by Lynny Lynn & Nikki Nik November 3, 2009
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When you brutally fuck up the spelling of crying.
Sophie typed cruing when she really meant crying... What an idiot.
by BubbaFleefer July 24, 2019
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Another word for crew, often used in text messages etc.
Man, RAR is one dope cru
by Ed Gill February 21, 2004
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(Slang)1. To crush something infinitesimally. To crush something exceedingly small.
2. To beat up someone seriously.
3. Also crush squared
Wow, Skippy thought he could fight him but he got himself crused.
by Ojenge February 26, 2007
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