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A Ece is a woman who can be sexy and cute at the same time. Their mysterious way of being makes them so attractive. In Turkish Ece means "Queen" or "Lady". Ece's are very passional and wild but also sensitive and romantic. Also Ece's look always gorgeous!

They always act naturally and are the most honest persons. They often place others before themselves, which makes them the best kind of friend to rely on. A lovely and kind person.
With this sort of girl you can have a lot of fun.
- "Hi. What's your name?"

- "Ece"

- "Ece?! Well yes I should know that. No other girl could look so gorgeous and hot like a Ece"

"wow, she is a Ece"
by Sosweetandsoshy February 07, 2010
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An acronym that stands for Electrical and Computer Engineering. Possibly one of the hardest classes ever to befoul the schedules of helpless Carnegie-Mellon University students.

The difficulty is divided between the enormous homework sets (often taking 8 hours or more to complete), the expensive yet useless textbooks ($185 and full of shit), and the confusing 3 hour long lab block.
"Hey man, did you do the ECE problem set?"

"Yeah, but I couldn't find the Thevenin resistance for 5B. Do I need to use nodal analysis?"

"Fucked if I know. I wrote a haiku about diodes."
by RUBiksCUbe July 31, 2006
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Ece is very ugly and mean, like I MEAN IT. get it its a joke...

Anyway back to that crappy ece
she knows only the language tukish and she absolutely hates spain
you should abonden ece if you see her because she will kill you later on
so if you want to be fried and put in the oven call ece!
"I wanna die"
"call Ece she will help you with that"
by isi sabi February 01, 2019
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Ece is a ugly ass bitch that has no friends and no life
-i mean who doesnt agree
-ece "I dont!"
Ece is trash
guys pleaseeeeeeee submit this it's just for fun, add it! plzzzzzzzzzzzzz this is going to be awsome
by isi sabi February 01, 2019
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