a song that is soooo good and hitz so hard, that it is impossible to skip when it comes on.
Dang, this playlist is nothing but bangerz.
by hmmmimright August 30, 2019
Something that radiates unbelievable swell or swag.
Dude have you seen Sharat?
Ya he is so not bangerz.
Ik but everything in Pete's life is bangerz.
by DopeBourgetJames224 April 13, 2013
Performed with excessive skill and precision; nailing it!
Cory lands a backside 180 heelflip off a 12 stair! "Bangerz!!!" yell his friends in unison.
by Swicker March 26, 2016
Bangerz, Female. Blonde, massive rack, Commonly mistaken for a porn star. Men want her & women want to be her.
by All.the.things April 10, 2016
A thug, someone hard tough. No respect for anyone or anything that does not apply to them. A gang member
You see that crew over there, don't mess with them they are some true Gang Bangerz
by K-Won March 9, 2022
where your a professional African and know how to bongo bang.
Sadio Mane and Mamadou Sakho are both bongo bangerz
by nclay999 August 23, 2017