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An expression first discovered in the caves of ancient Egypt in hieroglyphic form then translated by the Inca tribe of Trinidad in 853 AD. The tribe used the word to describe a young lady that is stunningly beautiful; one that is poise, classy and gorgeous while being very kind hearted and down to earth. Also a prerequisite to being called an Acey is that you need to be incredibly intelligent. The word has been remade popular by the Tamara crew of Chateauguay and now used commonly in the streets of Chateauguay, Mercier and Lery. Latest studies even demonstrate that certain people in Saint-Catherine and Delson are now using it as well.
"Bro the chick you picked up last night was a serious Acey, ya heard?"
by Cameron Jacobs June 25, 2006
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acey is a word to describe a girl who is different than everyone else. she has her own style a total original. shes punk rock and artistic. she is really nice but doesnt like many people. shes intimidating and will bitch someone out in a heart beat. shes not someone you want to mess with. the girl named acey doesnt care what people think but will defend her friends in a heart beat. if you meety someone named acey you should give them a chance. but not many people are named acey,
dude acey is amazing.
by aceyyy September 23, 2010
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