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A kid who is emo in modern day typically will listen to lil peep, and xxxtentacion (only his mainstream music, also; only post death because they aren’t really with the shits and didn’t know of him before.)

Term used as an insult to a persons poser like behavior.
Timmy is such an e-kid that he got crybaby tatted on his forehead and now nobody will hire his dumbass. I bet he will regret that in two years when his little phase is over with.
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by BigOunceProStreetNigga October 04, 2019
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An E-Kid is someone who takes their online persona far too seriously (see E-Girl/E-Boy)
Often times recognizable from their semi-emo personality and fashion style, mixed with modern hype beast fashion. They tend to be found on popular Instagram and Twitter profiles, but mostly dwell on TikTok. These people are mostly underage, but can range anywhere from 13-25.

A staple of the E-Kid personality is self-deprecating humor (often times used for Fishing for Compliments), music tastes consisting of mainly the likes of Lil Peep, XXXTentacion, 6ix9ine, etc. or Melanie Martinez, Billie Eillish, and Joji, extremely technologically-dependent lifestyle, a lack of real life connections and relationships, and a lack of any self worth or standards. They often times hold themselves far too highly despite being insecure (mostly as a defense mechanism) and tend to have a lot of orbiters who will act as white knights whenever they're criticized.

Often times evolve into either a sex worker or an incel.
When browsing the TikTok homepage, I saw mostly E-Kids, half-naked young girls, and cringey lip-syncing videos. What has this generation come to?
by ZeroPygmy October 08, 2019
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A dumbass who tries way too hard to be better that the emo generation before them. If you’ve ever heard someone call someone else a “fake Emo” that’s practically what it is. The original emos will always be better because we don’t walk around like wannabe edgy hype beasts. Have they ever met Frank Iero in 94 degree weather while wearing black?! Because THAT’S emo; not lip syncing poorly on an app that shouldn’t have even been made in the first place.
Omg did you see that E-Kid in class? All she kept doing was making self-deprecating jokes even though nobody was laughing.
by Look-Alive-Sunshine October 28, 2019
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Someone that is magnificently retarded, and acts like a child. Or a retarded child, that may or may not require a cage and a bite mask.
John: Chris, did you see that E-Kid?!

Chris: Bro, holy shit, that guys a straight window licker!!
by Eachmedal7 October 08, 2019
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some kid at the swimming carnival that started to have an erection from looking at sam
sam likes e-kid
by fffff December 04, 2003
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Broader term of e-boys and e-girls. Gen Z (generally under 25) people way too into the retro 2000s emo pop punk aesthetic but upping the edginess with more tattoos, especially face tattoos and trying to pretend they're much darker, more suicidal, into hard drugs, etc. compared to 2000s emo, who really didn't sing about drugs, weren't really that dark, and only some MTV emo-metalcore bands had the face tattoos then. They listen to emo trap, trap metal, Soundcloud rap, trap, and 2000s emo. Partly the usual 20 year retro rehashing that always happens but also sort of a backlash against the white collar job friendly fashion style trends (arguably a result of the awful job market and people trying to look very presentable to get hired) and radio / commercial friendly indie-folk and pop EDM of the early to mid 2010s . Fashion and music trends constantly change though, so don't expect it to be nearly as popular by the mid 2020s.
Kevin was all about Imagine Dragons until 9th grade when he got into Lil Peep, XXXTentacion, Lil Lotus, Ghostemane, and artists on デーモンAstari, now he's become a complete e-kid.
by Lil-Ben January 09, 2020
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1.Basically an E-boy or an E-girl but the more general term. Idk bro I just thought of it and was like, ha wOaH.

2. An E-term for the other genders :)
1.“Let’s all be E-kids on Thursday”

2.“I’m gender-fluid, so I’m an E-kid instead of an E-boy or an E-girl”
by Boooadoop100 December 03, 2019
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