The act of criticizing yourself so that others will praise you.
Mackenzie is always complaining about her singing. She's not a bad singer, I don't know why she's fishing for compliments.
by TobyFlenderson January 14, 2015
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Making statements that encourage others to give you compliments.

see also: emotional masturbation
Jane: Notice anything different?
Billy: oh, um, love the new haircut sweety.
by Ben Johnson March 17, 2005
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This is what 13-16 year old girls do when they lack self confidence. It is extremely fucking annoying.
The correct response to this situation is: Shut the fuck up

Also see Attention Whore
girl1: OMG IM SO FAT
girl 1:YES I AM
Me: Shut the fuck up attention whore ans stop fishing for compliments
by ThisIsApril June 29, 2009
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Someone who feels to bring up how they're "ugly," or "fat" in every single conversation so that people will disagree and compliment them.

Bella: *is literally 98 pounds*

"I'm so fat!"

Shawn: "No, you're not!"

Bella: "Yes, I am! I'm so fat and ugly!"

Shawn: "Ya know what bitch? I don't give a flying fuck. You are fat and ugly then. Shut the fuck up and stop fishing for compliments."
by Literatebadass05 September 2, 2017
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girl 1: oh my god im so ugly
girl 2: no ofc youre not
me: stfu you whiney little fishing for compliments bitch
by lxla November 19, 2015
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When you are mentioning something you did, something you are wearing, etc. to make someone else give you a compliment for it.
The following are examples of "To Fish for a Compliment":

Her: Oh, I'm so tired of baking. These cinnamon rolls took me all day to make.
Him: And they sure do taste wonderful!
Her: I guess I fished for that compliment.

One girl to her friend: I was so lucky to get this sweater on sale last Thursday.
The friend: It looks great on you!

Husband: Man, I'm tired of changing tires on all our cars.
Wife: Thank you so much for doing it. I really appreciate it.
by corpisal.delictimus December 19, 2009
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