When you push a fart and poop a little but instead of poop it's one of the buttons you were eating off of that keyboard the other day
Oh man I'm just gonna shake that e-blast down the leg of my pants
by OOMJ May 25, 2021
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A ridiculous non-word made up by marketing people who think the term "e-mail" is inadequate to describe the explosive excitement of their mass e-mails.

Also "eblast" or "e-mail blast"
If we send out an e-blast, the widget will literally fly off the shelves!
by Sarah N. April 22, 2008
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Short for ejaculation blast. More commonly used in referring to a virtual ejaculation rather than literally spraying cum violently.
'Did you see that email from that bitch Valerie? I'd like to e-blast all over her face!'
by DehsYkael May 14, 2015
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A standard industry term used in email marketing to describe the act of "blasting" a message out to a group of hundreds or thousands of people simultaneously, similar to the act of "blasting" a verbal message out with a loud speaker. Typically used to differentiate between two-way email interactions (where a customer emails a question and the company responds), and one-way bulk email interactions (such as newsletters or promotions).
"Tell marketing that we definitely need to add a coupon code to our upcoming July e-blast."
by gobo760 June 30, 2013
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Having a blast while simultaneously getting blasted.
Smoking marijuana while having a good time.
last night me and tim had a blast-e-blast when we climbed up the water tower and smoked a marijuana joint.
by party marty jr. September 13, 2010
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The online version of being 'put on blast' by a friend who wants to embarrass you. It occurs when embarrassing personal affairs are made public through one of your social networking profiles, usually perpetrated by the wild and reckless stoner friend who will never be bothered with looking for a job.

My friend put me on e-blast before I could remove his post from my Facebook page. Now, my coworkers have seen that...ahem...photo, and my mom keeps asking me about my 'fetish'.
by RandyW2222 March 18, 2009
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When you look at all of your old comments/pictures on MySpace and Facebook and see how your friends used to act and treat you.
I was having a fight with my boyfriend and then I went on facebook and found a picture of us from 3 years ago and read how hot he thought I looked in that bikini. Thanks to that e-blast from the past we're happier than ever.
by riga1tony April 2, 2010
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