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1) An arbitrary declaration or description of a noun, usually an event or a women, in order to give no further information.

2) A scale by which to describe something that in no way involves numbers in any way.

John: Yo, look at that chick.
Paul: Ehh, she's like a 5 at best.
John: Whatever man, she's at least a 7.

Anthony: So on a Scale of 1 to 10 how was your day?
Jackie: On a scale of 1 to 10, it was pretty awesome.
Anthony: That made absolutely no sense. But I like it.
by riga1tony May 21, 2009

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When in an argument over the attractiveness of a female with another female, a man may apply this rule to cement the fact that he's correct.
Women: Wow she is totally hot.
Guy: No, No she really isn't are you bind or something?
Women: No she really is, what's wrong with you.
Guy: Penis Rule *Points to Groin* I'm right.
Women: Damn you got me...

Ugly Chick: hehhh Are you gooys telking 'bout meh???!!?!?
by riga1tony May 27, 2009

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When you tend to hit enter after each word in an Instant Message conversation for no apparent reason.
Lauren: So
Lauren: Today was
Lauren: like so

Lauren: much fun
Lauren: I can't
Lauren: believe
Lauren: we got all that
Lauren: done
Lauren: so fast.
Lauren: It's really
Lauren: Unbelievable.
Anthony: Yeah, nice, thanks for blurtIMing me homo, that was a really easy story to follow
by riga1tony May 17, 2009

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Sex between a straight man, and a "newly" homosexual man.
What you just came out of the closet? Well I will tell my girlfriend we're having bitt sex, she won't mind.
by riga1tony March 21, 2009

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When you look at all of your old comments/pictures on MySpace and Facebook and see how your friends used to act and treat you.
I was having a fight with my boyfriend and then I went on facebook and found a picture of us from 3 years ago and read how hot he thought I looked in that bikini. Thanks to that e-blast from the past we're happier than ever.
by riga1tony April 02, 2010

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I'm So High Right Now, used to describe one's state after the consumption of too much weed.
Robert: Dude come on we're gonna go to the movies.
Jack: I can't.
Robert: Fine dude, what do you want to do?
Jack: Nothing.
Robert: You know what don't be such a fag, we're going to the movie. -leaves-
Jack: Oh my god, ishrn.
by riga1tony July 11, 2011

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When you, or a group of people, go so hard that you transcend hardness and there is nothing else to describe you as.
What? You just fucked 9 bitches at the same time while doing four lines and playing Through The Fire And The Flames on expert?.... You're Diamonds....You are fucking Diamonds......
by riga1tony July 27, 2009

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