Guy 1: I have to commit suicide, I'm sorry Mom.
Mom 1: Honey why?!
Guy 1: I got kicked out of N E M E S I S...
Mom 1: OMFG!! You suck!! GTFO!!
by Jadler September 4, 2007
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Seamus is a good dude. Caring, understanding, reliable, cute, and everything you could want in a guy. He gives hugs that are to die for and he’s super tall and built asf. If you ever get a seamus, keep him in your life for as long as possible
Damnnn did you see seamus? He’s been working out!! S-E-A-M-U-S
by Sgm31082005 March 12, 2019
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literally just a photo of an egg with 7 legs and an eye walking across a barren landscape who’s goal is to find the
p a r m e s a n

-pretty meaningless
-surreal memeology
Bystander: Anon do where is the par

Anon: He travels, he seeks the p a r m e s a n
by highkey spittin straight facts November 18, 2019
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