The most beautiful man alive. Smart, kind, and honest. A true gentleman. He easily makes friends and is good to his woman and family.
by MLE13 February 05, 2010
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American slang for a private detective or an Irish cop. Commonly misspelled as "Shamus." Taken from Seamus, a popular first name among Irishmen. The slang meaning of the name is believed to have originated in the early 20th century.
"I'm a brother Seamus!"
by OsirusR July 15, 2009
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He's hot but he's a player so you definatley don't want to date him... he's really a great friend though, super funny!
Girl 1: What would you say if Seamus asked you out?

Girl 2: Yes, of course! He is soo hot!!

Girl 1: Really? Have you even met him? He's a total player!

Girl 2: So, I would still say yes... it's not like I'll be surprised if he cheats on me! I'll see it coming.
by Dani Cali August 12, 2011
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A carnivorous marine animal, similar in appearance to its land-based cousin the emu, though with brownish scales instead of feathers. Lives on krill, rainbow trout and unwary swimmers.
Kevin was warned not to go in the water that day, but he didn't listen. When he didn't return, his girlfriend assumed he had been eaten by a seamu.

"No way I'm diving on that shipwreck, it's teeming with hungry seamus!"
by Lauren of Arabia March 24, 2009
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