The most beautiful man alive. Smart, kind, and honest. A true gentleman. He easily makes friends and is good to his woman and family.
by MLE13 February 05, 2010
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American slang for a private detective or an Irish cop. Commonly misspelled as "Shamus." Taken from Seamus, a popular first name among Irishmen. The slang meaning of the name is believed to have originated in the early 20th century.
"I'm a brother Seamus!"
by OsirusR July 15, 2009
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He's hot but he's a player so you definatley don't want to date him... he's really a great friend though, super funny!
Girl 1: What would you say if Seamus asked you out?

Girl 2: Yes, of course! He is soo hot!!

Girl 1: Really? Have you even met him? He's a total player!

Girl 2: So, I would still say yes... it's not like I'll be surprised if he cheats on me! I'll see it coming.
by Dani Cali August 12, 2011
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An irish man with much athority over everyone.

His Blood alcohol level is approximately 90% crown royal, on average drinks a skid of rye
Seamus drank a skid of rye for breakfast

student 1: how much did you drink last night?
student 2: i drank a 26er of rye!
student 1; you pulled a Seamus!
by \m/ metal! April 04, 2010
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