Mental condition,

- Short term memory bad
- Handwriting bad
- Spelling bad
- Occasionaly words will become jumbled when read

Never heard of anything being read backwards :|
Im sweating as much as a dyslexic on countdown - offensive grr lol
by :) March 23, 2005
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If you had it you would never find this definition. Why didn't they call it JEFF?
Dyslexic people cant catch because the part of the brain used for catching is closely related to seeing words and interpereting them. Did I mispell anything?
by dont hit me August 13, 2003
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a disease that makes you see things backwards or screwy
cixelsyd era uoy neht siht daer nac uoy fi
by KrisMen September 15, 2003
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An excuse used by people of various careers to rationalize their failures or shortcomings. This term came into existence during the “Soccer Mom” generations, as American mothers were scrambling for a reason as to why their children were so stupid.
That fellow isn’t dyslexic; he’s just an idiot.
by Verges November 25, 2003
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Dyslexic is a race. This race is studied and know as he in between of indian and African American. This race is very rare as less than 1% of the population have it making it the rarest race know to man.
Hey man what race are you?

Oh I’m dyslexic!!
by Rrrrraind April 27, 2018
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the posh persons definition of thick
tarquin is a bit dyslexic because his family have been inbreeding since the 16th century
by Mr Flibble April 20, 2004
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