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When one is a lesbian, yet also a savage!
Nia: After I told my girlfriend I had dibs on the last pear cider, I found her ass drinking it in the living room!

Kate: Oh my what did you do?

Nia: I slapped it out her face like the dyking that I am!
by Lilbunnypebbles February 06, 2018
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The lesbian form of duking it out, in which two female sexual rivals have sex in a contest of stamina and determination. The term was coined by popular burrowing nocturnal mammal Lord Aardvark in April of 2018.
Ordy said something about a friendly and overt sexual rivalry between two of the characters, it ended up with them dyking it out.
by EDIthePaintMixer May 21, 2018
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when a lesbian rides a bicycle while drinking water out of a camel pack and checking out MILFs.
dude i was walking down the street yesterday and i saw my boss dyking. she was hitting on a MILF, so I didn't interrupt.
by cyclistinbtown March 14, 2007
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A word used to descibe someone incredibly stupid, an incredibly dumb or crazy situation.

It can describe a feeling of anger or when no other word comes to mind.
Wow! I can't believe the cops shut the party down. That's pretty dyking.
by thatsprettydyking December 13, 2009
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