The only company worse than Comcast. McGraw-Hill is a very popular college textbook publisher, known for overpricing their textbooks, and charging a small fortune for online homework access codes. They will squeeze every last cent out of your ass and have their prices set at a point to make college students suffer the most. They work very hard at removing virtual copies of their textbook online, circulating via torrents and other P2P file-sharing sites, instead to charge students a fortune for access to their textbook which only lasts for a year. The online versions of the textbook are often locked up tighter than a hipster's jeans with DRM. They have gone so far as to change content in the international versions of their textbooks, which often sell for approximately half the price, just so the international editions cannot be used and instead have to end up selling your soul to the University Bookstore.
A: Just bought textbooks!
B: Really? How much?
A: $4000. McGraw Hill really screwed me over.
B: Did you get financial aid?
A: No. I'm going to have to get a 4th job to pay for all this shit. Either that or find a way to lower the price of ramen.
by HHCircletwerk February 1, 2015
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