To take a Joke to far to the point of awkwardness until the joke, in the end, is ruined.
I was mounted by a mastiff and everyone resisted the urge to Pull a Dwyer.
by cvbrophy November 4, 2010
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When getting a blowjob from a hot girl, you cum so hard that it shoots out her nose simulating Budd Dwyer's public suicide. To be a true Budd Dwyer, this should be performed in front of a group of unsuspecting reporters and film crews while "Hey Man, Nice Shot" by Filter plays in the background.
Kris says, "Last night Faith got me so worked up at the party that I whipped out my summer sausage and gave her a Budd Dwyer right in front of everyone. I blew so hard the cum shot out her nose and she looked just like Budd."

John says, "Hey man, nice shot!"
by Reservoir Dog August 3, 2006
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Jim that was stupid
Yeah that was a Beau Dwyer move
by Can you neck yourself June 5, 2019
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1. Noun-The Pennsylvania state treasurer who on January 22, 1987 committed suicide by shooting himself in the head with a revolver during a televised press conference.

2. Verb-To shoot oneself in the head.
1. Budd Dwyer was a politician who committed suicide

2. Dude that emo kid just budd dwyer'd himself!
by Master Chimp November 6, 2007
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a madras plaid or plain plaid short sleeved shirt; the antifresh (as according to some).
"bro, dwyers buying a dwyer shirt! hahahahaha."
by jsnyd September 28, 2005
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An absolute waster and a freak, she also enjoys following people around and smelling them.
Dude this smelly bitch keeps following me and stuff, Shes a total Ava Dwyer
by Karen McChord Bayubs November 8, 2009
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To complain whenever you are killed in a warzone match in Gears of War and Gears of War 2. Then proceed to steal another players kills because of the lack of skill
Wow, that asshole just pulled a corey dwyer. that blows. We should block xXcoorsy101Xx for being a corey dwyer.
by Das Bewt September 15, 2008
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