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Pennsylvania state Treasurer who committed suicide on TV in 1987. He was about to be sentenced and sent to prison. He called a press conference, read his suicide note, and blew his brains out with a .357 magnum.

It was snowing that day in Harrisburg, and lots of kids were home from school. Their cartoons were interrupted by this breaking news, in all its graphic glory.

Seared lots of young minds, it did. And this was pre-internet, mind you, so they weren't used to seeing stuff.
Whoh, did you see that? That Budd Dwyer dude just blew his fucking brains out!
by Dr. Heywood R. Floyd April 25, 2007
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to commit suicide on television (like the Pennsylvania Treasurer, Budd Dwyer.
The television station would not air the interview live, becuase the subject was facing ruination, and they feared he could pull a Budd Dwyer.
by Dr. Heywood R. Floyd May 02, 2007
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When getting a blowjob from a hot girl, you cum so hard that it shoots out her nose simulating Budd Dwyer's public suicide. To be a true Budd Dwyer, this should be performed in front of a group of unsuspecting reporters and film crews while "Hey Man, Nice Shot" by Filter plays in the background.
Kris says, "Last night Faith got me so worked up at the party that I whipped out my summer sausage and gave her a Budd Dwyer right in front of everyone. I blew so hard the cum shot out her nose and she looked just like Budd."

John says, "Hey man, nice shot!"
by Reservoir Dog August 03, 2006
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1. Noun-The Pennsylvania state treasurer who on January 22, 1987 committed suicide by shooting himself in the head with a revolver during a televised press conference.

2. Verb-To shoot oneself in the head.
1. Budd Dwyer was a politician who committed suicide

2. Dude that emo kid just budd dwyer'd himself!
by Master Chimp November 05, 2007
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corrupt ass republican politician that sucked on a barrel of a .357 magnum on live tv in 1987. a joke on youtube and pop culture for the last 20 years. the morning before his wife told him "give them a piece of your mind, don't go shooting your mouth off." funny shit. college kids drill holes through coins and call it a budd dwyer commemorative.
bitches don't know bout' budd dwyer's televised suicide....somebody get that muthaphucka a tissue for his bloody nose. the song "hey man nice shot" from the band filter was about budd dwyer. he was an attention whore drama queen.
by Tien Duong November 26, 2007
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pennsylvania state treasurer budd dwyer
republican found guilty of taking 300,000 dollars
of tax kickback money in a conspiracy...stealing thief...
he had a press conference the day before his conviction..jan. 22 1987
it was a cold snowy morning..
budd's wife told him "just give them a piece of your mind, don't go shooting your mouth off"
before the press conference
budd thought he was going to get 55 years in jail...
people thought he was resigning at the press conference...
bitches just didn't know..
after a while of rambling on stage..
in front of an audience and a live tv crew...
people thought he was resigning...
he rambled about how wrong our justice system was...
proclaiming his innocence..
he said he once voted for the death penalty...
and now he regretted it because now he understood
that the justice system could be wrong...and an innocent man could be guilty for a crime he didn't commit
dwyer said life had been like living in the twillight zone recently...
he rambled on and on...sweaty and nervous..
he began handing out envelopes with his suicide note in it..
then he pulled a .357 magnum out a manilla envelope
people didn't really notice for a few seconds
bitches started yelling
"no budd, budd, no"!
he told the camera crew to don't stop filming...
he told those who would be easily offended to leave the room...
budd fuckin dwyer didn't fuckin resign
so he put the gun to his mouth and blew his brains..
fell like a damn sack of fat bald potatoes
yelling, screaming...blood pouring from his nose, any body got a tissue?
bitches don't know bout no budd dwyer televised suicide
he didn't resign to die in office so his wife could get a million dollars...
a million dollars to pay all his damn court fees...
his co-conspirator got convicted the next day...
the co-conspirator was supposed to get 55 years like budd...
but only got 1 year in jail....but it got shorted to 7 months...
budd would have gotten 7 months too....but he didn't know...
budd's televised suicide became a joke for the next 20 years..
everyone laughs at the suicide footage
kids in PA drill holes in quarters and call it a budd dwyer commemerative
he exploited himself...
the video is on "faces of death", "bowling for columbine", youtube, google..
a shock value enthusiast novelty
everybody laughs at the video of budd having oral sex with a .357 magnum
budd dwyer is only known for his shocking televised suicide footage.
by eazy-x December 27, 2007
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