A town in Washington state that lies within the cluster of cities collectively referred to as "The Eastside". Duvall is a bit off the beaten path, and has a tendency to become an island in the winter since the city lies in a floodplain, and has only one main access road.

The busier downtown areas are built on the hillside, where flooding is less likely (*but still possible, I've seen water on main street before*), and the river basin is populated mainly by farmers. The city of Duvall has made many efforts to improve flood conditions. Woodinville-Duvall Rd. was rebuilt after the terrible flood of 2006, when most of the residents of Duvall were housebound (or shelter-bound) and without power and other services for two weeks. The rebuild of the road included a much higher bridge, however, you still have to cross the valley to leave town. The city of Duvall is surrounded by rivers on three sides, The Snohomish, The Skykomish, and the Snoqulamie. Generally, when any portion of the river system floods here, it floods the entire basin. This includes Duvall and the neighboring towns of Monroe, Carnation, Fall City, and Snoqualmie. The valley in Duvall is quite expansive, and when it floods, it looks like an unimaginable amount of water as it devours the entire valley. Sometimes seagulls show up to prey on the fish (I'm guessing that's why they're there).

Duvall is known for being a safe place that is "out there". A cursory glance at a map will show you that the area is, indeed, pretty isolated. This town is one of the few remaining that towns that you could sleep with all your doors unlocked and your car open with the key in the ignition, not that I'd recommend that anywhere. Duvall is home to many local farms, and has a surprising number of (family-oriented) recreational activities considering the size of the town.

The landscape is lush and green. The valley is open (that's the floodplain) and the hills are heavily forested in a way that only western Washington can offer.
You moved out to Duvall? Why so far away?
by whizkid July 11, 2009
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The coolest, cutest black guy ever. Funny as hell, a little shy but get to know him and most likely you will date him!
Duvall is crazy.

What a comedian Duvall is.

OMG, who was that guy. That's Duvall!

I want sum Duvall!
by realshit10 August 14, 2010
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A mythological man-beast with firey red hair who feeds off the souls of desperate women through deception.
Why do I always meet Duvalls?
by bdou che June 29, 2012
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by Ashley December 18, 2004
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Someone who is extremely smelly and is also a simp.
That kids such a Duval.
by Badussy man June 28, 2021
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A county in JAX FL but it’s more like a smelly smoggy realm of hell. It’s the place where the ghetto and the hicks come to battle each other. Do you dare resign in their battle field? Finding a decent human being is like finding a needle in a haystack.. a haystack of tweakers, racists, drunks, and sex offends that is. At every gas station their will be somebody to ask where to find drugs, people proudly throw around the N word like it’s still the 1800s, people drive like their drunk and you can tell more than half the drivers are on something, theirs plenty of creepy old dudes telling young girls to smile and obnoxiously saying sexist shit. Everyone is obnoxious, angry, aggressive, it’s clear most people living here have a very low level of intelligence but who can blame them when Duval schools are some of the worst. People broadcast their stupidity with a “I speak my mind proudly” attitude too ignorant to know how stupid they sound. Adults act like children and people do nothing but cause car accidents to back up all the expressways and bridges. It’s a good day if their isn’t a shooting. It smells like sewer and most people smell like the don’t shower. I don’t think most people that live here have seen a dentist either because they’re missing half their teeth. To top it all off the rent has only gone up in the years and all the jobs suck so why move? Don’t bother. Fuck duval county. PS the jaguars are a joke of a fucking football team.
Absolutely nobody:

Someone from duval: DUVAAAAAAAAAAAAllll!!
by Flmtoday January 1, 2020
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Duval is the most compassionate boss-ass bitch you will ever meet. She will always call you her "baby" but will cut a bitch, if necessary.
Don't worry, Duval has this.
by Marizzle3 November 9, 2018
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