The breeding grounds of Marching Band people. They migrate there between december and January, and then everythinggg happens.
I went up to a band bus in Jacksonville, Florida and some crazy shit was happening there, mann.
by birdsarecwazy12321 April 28, 2010
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From killer smog caused by factory pollutants to the gangs on moncrief road, Jacksonville is the place for your family and kids to come, downtown Jacksonville looks like a cut city off the walking dead with homeless people mindlessly roaming the streets and every corner, food hospitality is great just make sure you bring your bulletproof vest down to the local McDonalds and the low life scum of down town is phenomenal, as we get closer to the edges of Jacksonville you have Jacksonville beach, Red Tide, that dead fish smell and your local prostitute can all be found here don’t stay under the unfinished boardwalk for too long you might be ambushed by gangs and homeless people. North side is Rednecks and EastSide is the suburbs and WestSide is Gangs and Southside is upper class, don’t even get me started on the Terrible roads and unfinished construction that have been here for the past 30 years. The roads are all torn up and cracks and pot holes, and while your here get robbed and murdered at the half closed Regency mall, and the only solace is the St.Johns Towncenter and The Avenues Mall.
Person 1: Wyd today in Jacksonville Florida?

Person 2: Going to the Towncenter or Avenues Mall you?

Person 1: Yes me too that’s the only thing to do!
by TheCarGuys December 5, 2019
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Jacksonvile,Florida:Murder capital of the united states.
New jersey: Duchebag Capital of the united states.
New York: Dickhead capital of the united states.
Blairsvile Georgia:Unknown capital of JACK SHIT!
by Thatdudefromflorida January 22, 2011
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schizophrenics headquarters
"Hey whats the big deal with 8805 Alton Av. Jacksonville, Florida?"

"It's where the Oddkast Magic happens."
by NiggerMauler23 March 20, 2022
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