What people in the Seattle area call the suburban area of Bellevue, Redmond, Sammamish etc.
I heard they were from Seattle.
They're from The Eastside.
by AnotherDrumMachine January 10, 2016
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The eastsider is when you make the east coast gang sign, and apply it (to a girl) the same way as you would the shocker. This is done with the index and middle fingers together, and curled with the thumb, making a "c", while in the background, the ring and pinky are together, making the center line for the "e", thus representing east coast. The fingers would be applied to the clit, in the vagina and in the anus in a similar fashion to the shocker. Nothing says pimp, or gangsta more than fingering your girl with a gang symbol.
Yo holmes, what happened with that trick you hooked up wit?
Dude, gave her the eastsider, and she got freaky.
So did you hit it after that?
Hell Yeah!
by Marveelus January 29, 2008
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The east side of a particular city or neighborhood. Not to be confused with east coast.
I'm from the eastside, yo.
by Raul di L'Yefkereff May 11, 2008
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The west side def says that original g's came from california. To the contrary, if you had watched gangs of new york you'd have seen that while the dumbases in california were looking for specs of gold, we were putting plates of onto our guns. And although many great people, such as Tupac came from the west, if you really think about it, there is no doubt that the eastside is the most bad ass. Eastside represent!!!
Tribe Called Quest, fiddy and the beastie boys were born and raised eastside son.
by nantucket red January 30, 2007
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Someone from the East Coast of any country.
Can be the EastSide of any City or Neighbourhood.
"If you hail from East-Coast USA yo' an Eastsider!"
"You live in Newi East? YO' an Eastsider!"
"Snoop Dogg, Goldie Loc and Tray Dee are the Eastsider's. LONG BEACH!"
by Diego August 25, 2003
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An area that one lives, has grown up in, or has gang relatied ties with over a certian period of time.
Wut hood you rep? You all ready know it's that gutta ass Eastside!!!!
by chris June 19, 2006
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like the dude below me who posted the same thing twice...yea,Eastside, Attleboro is one of the more poor neighborhoods in attleboro,basically the 'hood/ghetto' of attleboro as some call it.mostly full of apartments,some of which look really shitty.although attleboro is mostly white there are alot of black and spanish people in Eastside.a while ago there used to always be a fight goin down in Eastside park,dunno bout now.good times of man hunt from there to the center of town.gangs have actually started to form there,most notably the ATC (A-Town Crips)gangs from other towns have come into attleboro and started recruiting.apparently back a while ago crime was bad enough for them to start the "Eastside Crime Watch",which seems to do nothin...all in all like tha other dude said you dun wanna fuck around wit anyone there
"a yo man fight goin down in Eastside"

"damn man lets go check that shit out"
by chickensandwich September 20, 2008
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