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The most derogatory name you could call someone, male or female. Usually used with extreme emotion behind it , aimed to hurt and insult someone. Hate, despise and hold with no respect whatsoever.

An ugly, cold, cruel inhumane, person.

Derived from an Australian right wing politician, Peter Dutton, who was in political power from 2013.
Duttons treatment of the those fleeing the war torn countries they stemmed from, to seek safety & asylum in Australia, was hands down the most inhumane, cold, racially predjiduce and unashamedly cruel treatment of human beings, seen seen since Nazi Germany.
You fucking DUTTON!

You are nothing but a right Dutton!!

Fuck off Dutton!!
by SuperSillySoapboxStar June 10, 2018
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To act in a purely self serving manner despite all evidence that you will fail, especially if your actions will hurt those around you or damage a group you are in. A hubris driven brain bypass caused by unchecked ambition and/or desire resulting in collateral damage.

Named for the actions of Australian federal minister Peter Dutton who agitated to depose the Prime Minister during the week of 20-24 August 2018. In a week of humiliating political chaos he lost two leadership spills which only served to undermine the already low public opinion of politicians and further fracture his own political party.
"Wow, you really did a Dutton when you cheated on your wife with your boss's daughter"

"If you oppose these changes just to get yourself a pay rise you could Dutton the whole project!"
by Jodie Black August 27, 2018
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An extremly knowledgeable and intelligent person... often hard to understand without dictionary referance
'stop doing a dutton and speak english you prick'
by fugitiv3 August 16, 2007
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To "dutton" someone means to fuck them over or, literally, to fuck them in their ass with a pill bottle.

The name comes from Michael Robert Dutton, a famous Australian colonialist who spent a lot of time looting and stealing in China. Dutton wrote extensively on China as well, in basically racist ways about how stupid and out of control the Chinese natives or "chinks" were. He wanted to police them all.

Dutton was very influential in his day and a big star down under as well as London university. He was also a notorious drug abuser and addict, who was a complete selfish prick as a boss and minor politician and the populace thought him a major cunt.
guy 1: I got duttoned by that prick!

guy 2: what do you mean? you were raped in the ass with a bottle of pills?

guy 1: no this drunken cunt of a boss promised me a job, but then took it away at the last minute because I didn't blow him or something.


Oh man, I passed out at that book party, and someone duttoned me badly. I can't sit down with this biottle of pills lodged up there.


Michael Dutton hates chinks; he duttons them
by bidibah May 16, 2011
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A little boy that's easily convinced to throw a tantrum on behalf of another but still doesn't get his way.
Abbott convinced Dutton that he should be the captain that he ruined the game for everyone in his team, and no matter how much he screamed, no one gave him any sympathy.
by MalcolmT18 August 24, 2018
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Similar to a leech, a "Dutton" is a homeless degenerate who claims to be successful when in reality they just hop from couch to couch. May also claims to take risks and that they're creative but they've only ever proven to be good at making Chicken McNuggets. They may also take all they can get from their successful friends.
Damn man, my friend last night tweeted that he's hanging out with millionaires and living in the hills while on my couch, what a Dutton!
by yungDefinerr November 28, 2017
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A nut job therapist at an elementary school. Sucks at helping people's problems and gave candy to a kid, which he choked on. Also, thought a this girl was crazy because she was telling scary stories to her friends, which every other kid does that, tf? Dutton is wrinkly and ugly and always laugh's and doesn't know what body language is. Has no friends, because she is a loser and needs to get ran over by a huge truck.
Why is Dutton eating out of the trash? She's so gross...
by Dried Crumbled Dead Leaves April 06, 2019
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