Having someone complete the act of masturbation by pulling up and down on the forearm, while the male holds his own penis.
SnackCake gave Tonkin a Dutch Rudder, because they are two freaky people who like to try new things.
by nfkiller May 10, 2006
To grab your schwanz and have some tool grab your forearm and move it up and down, like he's steering the dick boat into orgasm harbor
SnackCake gives the worst Dutch Rudders ever. It's like a mentally retarded Chinese monkey trying to play the banjo.
by The REAL tonkin May 30, 2006
When a man masturbates, and another person grabs his arm and makes him do the motion. It's sort of like a cross between masturbation and a handjob. He is still holding on, but the other person is still moving your arm.
by Some Crate May 10, 2006
When you have someone grab your arm and jack you off with your hand, instead of being gay.
Bill: Oh my god Joe you give the best dutch rudders.
by wtf is a pseudonym?????? March 8, 2009
When a guy jerks another guy off by moving the guy's arm while he technically does the grab holding. A move created so guys can jerk each other off without feeling gay.
I'm no homo! I only gave him a dutch rudder, it's not like I touched his dick.
by giblettes July 11, 2008
When you have someone jack you off by grabbing your arm and moving it up and down whilst all you do is hold your peen.
Presents a less gay alternative if some guy handjob-raped you. Maybe you could barter with him and offer a dutch rudder as a less gay option so you could preserve some of your dignity.
by Sicky from SanAn March 17, 2009